Creating secure solutions for the world's largest data centers, IDG, Inc. is a Tulsa Oklahoma based software and hardware development company with a unique focus on data security.  IDG, Inc. products streamline and automate business processes, while assuring that the associated data is accessed, transmitted or stored securely encrypted. With years of software development experience, IDG, Inc. delivers and supports quality products and solutions for enterprise management in large data centers.


In addition to manufacturing the hardware with embedded software solutions, IDG, Inc. offers continuous high quality technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The technical support team works with sales associates and customers to assure that all user queries receive a prompt, informed response.  All calls are evaluated by level of need and then directed to appropriate responders.  The IDG team handles basic "how-to" questions related to installation and use, as well as highly sophisticated coding questions regarding the products basic development.


The company's total solution approach to customer needs is based on an end-to-end product development model that covers all aspects of product creation-code and hardware that respond to clearly defined customer needs.